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Wilfried van Winden

WAM Architecten

Wilfried van Winden (b. Delft, 1955) is a Dutch architect who is internationally celebrated for his design for the Inntel Hotel in Zaandam in the Netherlands.


Education and work

Van Winden studied architecture at Delft University of Technology. He co-founded the Molenaar & Van Winden Architecten bureau  in 1985 and was one of the driving forces behind its development into an organisation with 50 staff.

Van Winden left this practice in January 2009 to establish a new, independent bureau: WAM architects. Besides his design for the Inntel Hotel, Wilfried van Winden’s major projects include the Essalam Mosque  in Rotterdam, De Oriënt residential complex in the Transvaal district of The Hague, and De Marquant residential development in Breda and currently the Embassy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in The Hague. Each project embodies his idiosyncratic outlook on the profession.


An investigative and critical architect

Alongside his work as a designer, Wilfried van Winden conducts research and writes articles and essays on a diversity of subjects. A comprehensive study into the design of Dutch and German motorways resulted in the 2007 publication De diabolische snelweg (The diabolical motorway), which Van Winden co-authored with Wim Nijenhuis. In 2010 Van Winden published a theoretical tract, Fusion: Pleidooi voor een sierlijke architectuur in een open samenleving (Fusion: An appeal for a decorative architecture in an open society; Amsterdam: SUN Publishers, 2010), in which he advocates a decorative architecture as a Fusion of different identities and phenomena.



Wilfried van Winden often gives lectures and regularly participates in debates and symposiums in the Netherlands and abroad. Invited by the Lousiana Museum for Modern Art near Copenhagen, WAM architecten made a contribution to the exhibition, ‘Frontiers of Architecture III Living Homeland’ (2011).

The Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2011.



Website: www.WAM-architecten.nl

Wikipedea: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilfried_van_Winden




WAM architecten was established by architect Wilfried van Winden in 2009.

WAM architecten is a young and dynamic bureau which can nevertheless rely on more than 25 years experience in the domains of public and private buildings and infrastructure. In conjunction with a team of committed professionals, WAM architecten works on a diversity of projects that make an essential contribution to our built surroundings and society.



The bureau is distinctive for its exploratory approach, inventiveness, focus on pleasure and enthusiasm, with which it strives to realise beautiful buildings and surroundings in close consultation with the client. These projects might be small interventions, such as a porch, or real eye-catchers, such as the internationally renowned Hotel in Zaandam. WAM architecten does not employ a single style that is universally applicable in order to achieve it’s goal. Together with the client, WAM architecten stage-manages an urban setting or a building, achieving a result that is pleasurable and beautiful while also dovetailing perfectly with the desired atmosphere.



WAM architecten performs the design and construction process in teams of varied composition that involve a diversity of specialists: from design to specification drawings, from management to communications. The role of all these experts is stipulated in advance, in the same way the expectations of client and architect are clearly defined. The outcome is considered to be teamwork of comakers.

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