Tom Verschueren

Founding Partner
DMVA Architects

Tom Verschueren


Born 1970 in Hoogstraten, Belgium. Studied architecture at the Henry van de Velde College in Antwerpen. Graduated in 1993.

Post-graduated in Monument- and Landscape  in Antwerpen, 1995.

Started the office for architecture dmvA in 1997, together with his friend David Driesen.

Tom and his partner as architects wanted to express themselves by means of architecture, which is where the Dutch abbreviation dmvA stands for (door middel van Architectuur).Together with their team of architects they completed several private and public projects, such as offices, apartments, sport accommodation, schools, social housing, private houses, shop-interiors and art projects. Occasionally design-objects are created.Commissions are frequently won in competition and many of them were (inter)nationally nominated or received national awards.


Young Belgian architects obviously show a renewed approach to architecture.While the elder generation grew up in a booming economy in which there was time and money to endlessly study details, proportions and so to come to minimalist design, the young ones are aware of nowadays needs.Lower budgets force them to approach projects with a fresh look.

Among them Tom Verschueren and David Driesen, whose office dmvA has its seat in Mechelen. They achieve durability by respecting program, budget and context, and by displaying advanced ideas on the use of materials.dmvA is not focused on one particular style. They act like screenwriters, turn the program into a screenplay, spaces into sequences and so allow each building to tell another story.They don’t want to be profiled as mathematic theorists, but as designers whose motives are emotion, involvement, art, sex, and social engagement. Their work may be characterized as expressive, strongly detailed architecture in which minimalism is the result of a maximum elaboration of the project.

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