Kathrin Susanna Gimmel

jaja Architects

Kathrin graduated from the ETH in Zürich in 2009. That year she partnered with jaja and continues to play a leading role, essential to the success of the firm.
Kathrin works across a variety of project scales, including art installations, buildings and large masterplans . She received awards for the winning proposals for the development of Ålesund Harborfront and the town Åndalsnes in Norway. Her recent work includes a leading role in the winning proposal for expansion, refurbishing and reprogramming of the Deaconess Foundation in Frederiksberg, DK.
Kathrin heads jaja’s efforts in Germany and Switzerland, where she received a fourth prize for a public library in Stuttgart and a third prize for an university library in Osnabrück.
In addition to her work at jaja, she teaches at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts on a course that focuses on the urban planning potential of Copenhagen.

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jaja architects practices a holistic approach, blending functionality and aesthetics, as well as architecture and its surroundings, together into specific experiences and atmospheres.
jaja is driven by an optimistic curiosity that explores our profession’s full potential. The office is committed to the thorough study of each project’s context, actively investigating their specific place, function and users to uncover every opportunity. jaja puts these factors into an intensive dialogue informed by clients and collaborators, combining the needs, demands, scopes, limitations and potentials of architecture into more active, urban, and productive environments.
jaja was established in 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The practice is run by Kathrin Susanna Gimmel, Jakob Steen Christensen and Jan Yoshiyuki Tanaka. Together, they make up an international design collective from Switzerland, Norway, Thailand and Japan, respectively. This diverse range of backgrounds shapes a partnership with home ground both in Denmark and abroad.
The director of the Danish Architect Center, Kent Martinussen, defines jaja as “one of the young upcoming firms in Danish architecture. Though, the “Danish” part should be taken lightly. jaja belongs to a new generation of architecture firms that are born global…. jaja‘s style can best be described as “Vital Minimalism” – Playful, simple, beautiful and functional.”

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