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Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanism

Jérôme Villemard is architect, graduated by the “National School of Architecture of the cities and territories” at Marne la Vallée.

He is co-founder of the office BARTOLO VILLEMARD ARCHITECTURE URBANISM, Paris, France. He is awarded in 2012 by the the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. This prize recognizes the 40 architects under 40 years old who “will influence the near future of european architecture both in its theory and in practice”.


He is also a teacher and member of the board of “National School of Architecture of the cities and territories» at Marne la Vallée. He has been teaching at “National School of Architecture of the cities and territories» at Marne la Vallée since 2004.  He participates during three years in doctoral cycle “DSA” for urban planning and design. Then he teach in the master cycle “Housing and Energy” for three years. Since three years he is teaching architecture in license cycle. He took part in many workshop and events including: Marseille on “the future of neighborhoods north”; Benin, central Africa, in Porto Novo “the transformation of the city center” with the International workshops of Cergy-Pontoise; Paris and its suburbs, “the city and its rivers in 2050”, Urban planning workshop of the area; Exhibition “housing in Paris 2010” at the “Pavilion de l’Arsenal”.

In 2005, Jérôme founded with Eric Bartolo, the agency is characterized by a dynamics of intensive research in order to create high quality living spaces. Its approach seeks to reason simultaneously at all scales: urban reflection and shaping seeks a common goal: reach a contextual and sensitive solution, a clear architecture. From its inception, the agency develops several subjects: housing, commercial real estate and health, urban design and urban planning.

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Bartolo Villemard Urbanism Architecture is founded by Eric Bartolo & Jerome Villemard.

The agency has existed for over 8 years and is composed of a dozen employees. The company is involved in many fields of activities : housing, real estate, health, public facilities, urban design.


The main projects are :

34 social housing  Pierrefitte sur Seine, France (competition winner)

40 houses, Menucourt, France (achievement, 2014)

100 social housing and 1 nursery, Paris, France (under achievement, 2014)

Geriatric and sterilization department, Montargis Hospital (under achievement, 2013)

Housing and offices, Boulogne Billancourt, France (under achievement, 2013)

2d offices building, Rubelles, France (under achievement, 2013)

Children Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland (competition)

2 housing buildings of 50 flats, Massy, France (competition)

School group, Paris, France (competition)

Central library, Helsinki, Finland (competition)

320 social housing, Boussy Saint Antoine, France (competition)

1 stall for SIMI Show, Palais des Congrès Paris (built 2012)

Collective housing and shops, Asnières, France (competition)

Offices Building, Massy, France (competition)

62 social housing Champigny sur Marne (competition)

32 housing for elderly

Residence for medical interns, Hospital of Meaux, France (competition winner)




In 2012, Bartolo Villemard Architecture Urbanisme was awarded the prize “Europe 40 Under 40″ by the European center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum : Museum for Architecture and Design.




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