Charles Phu

Design Director/Co-Founder
Office for Architectural Culture

London-based Charles Phu gained his professional architectural qualification in the US following his training and working experience in structural engineering in Taiwan. He has been actively involved in architectural design internationally since the mid 1990s. He has established a good reputation for the creative leadership of international architectural, master planning and interior design projects including high-rise buildings, cultural and performing arts buildings, mixed use, public, transport and environment design in USA, Europe, China, India, Russia, and the Middle East.

Charles is also a designer for opera and ballet stage sets. His works have appeared in prestigious opera houses including English National Opera and Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. His stage design has been described by the press including the magazine Opera and newspaper the Independent ‘striking’ and ‘elegant’.

Charles was the Chief Design Architect for St. Petersburg’s Okhta Centre (aka Gazprom City) including the main 403-metre tower. His portfolio also includes St. Petersburg’s Okhta Concert Hall, Beijing’s 330-metre China World Trade Centre III and Shangri-La Hotel, World Zen Meditation Park for the Buddhist holy place Famen Temple in Xi’an, China, St Petersburg Museum of Modern Art & Opera House, Kolkata Dankuni New Township Master Plan, Beijing Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Nortel HQ in Silicon Valley, Beijing Finance Street Performing Arts Centre, King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh, Zhuhai Museum, and Olympic Media Centre in Qingdao. He regularly gives speeches and interviews on architecture design In Europe, Asia and Russia. Charles’s photographs in architecture and Central Asian cultures have been exhibited in several countries.

Charles has been selected to be one of the 18 international architects by Italian journalists for a campaign, publication and exhibitions Future Roots in 2011.

Office for Architectural Culture (OAC) is a London-based multi-disciplinary design practice. We provide architecture, master planning, public realm and environment design, interiors, as well as performing arts design services.

OAC, founded in early 2011 and led by acclaimed architectural designers, Charles Phu and Roger Whiteman, can draw on the international experience of our senior designers Oliver Hempel, Falko Schmitt, and other OAC members. Charles Phu has been actively involved in architectural design internationally, as well as cultural activities, opera and ballet stage set and lighting design. Roger Whiteman has been actively involved in architectural design, management and delivery for high profile international projects over 30 years. Both believe that good buildings are not about style; they are created and exist to inspire people with the past, present, and future. A cultural core is a must for a good building. The locality is the root. We believe that to bring them back to people’s daily lives is architects’ most important responsibility.

To enhance our core philosophy we are advised by renowned experts in art, culture, and performing arts, alongside international engineering specialist consultants.

The core of OAC is – the cultural consciousness and creativity of the team. It is a team dedicated to a philosophy of creating an aesthetic rooted in culture and innovative concepts. The team’s high standard in the delivery of uncompromised high quality architectural projects is based on its strong belief in respecting and celebrating local people, context, culture and heritage. To us, architecture must bring culture and human heritage to the next level.

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